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Invitation to a beheading


If you have been wondering how a state-sanctioned beheading proceeds in Saudi Arabia, read on, but

Be warned: the following material will make some readers uncomfortable. 

The series of beheadings videotaped by ISIL strikes exceptional fear and revulsion in the West, as it is intended to do. The beheadings and the videos are political: they are meant to terrify and compel action, whether it be retribution for air strikes or the payment of a ransom. Mercy and compassion are absent from ISIL’s vocabulary.

We can look to Saudi Arabia, where beheading is practiced routinely (79 in 2013, 83 in 2014) and often publicly, to find out about the gruesome practice. The Saudis insist that their beheadings are different from the ones executed by ISIS because in Saudi Arabia the criminals are convicted in court. The UN, however, has called the trials “grossly unfair,” because defendants are not allowed legal counsel and death sentences may be imposed after confessions that have been coerced by torture. Westerners are horrified by decapitation, yet its defenders say lethal injection as practiced in the U.S. is no more humane.

The details that follow were reported in Newsweek, based on the 2003 interview with a Saudi executioner and videos provided by a human rights group.  Continue reading


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