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Trump’s teeny Twitter feed

Trump basks in the adoration of his fans

Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is followed by fewer than 50 million. By comparison, Barack Obama’s followers number over 100 million. What is more interesting is the number of people they themselves follow. Obama follows 634 thousand. Notice that Trump follows 45! Forty-five! Curious to see who these favored few are? Check out the list. There is no one who is not related to Trump’s own business, golf, family or politics. Everyone he follows is related to him in some way. Trump gets no news from outside his small, personal circle.


6 Golf and golf courses

2  Hotels

1  Business

7  Family and 2 friends

18 Media: 9 Fox News, 9 other

4  White House

5  Politics


Golf: Trump Golf; Gary Player, golfer

Trump golf courses

Doral, Miami; Charlotte; Washington, DC; Los Angeles

Trump hotels

Trump Vegas; Trump Chicago

Trump business

Trump Organization

Family and other personal

Tiffany, daughter; Vanessa, daughter-in-law; Lara, daughter-in-law; Melania, wife; Eric, son; Donald Jr, son; Ivanka, daughter

Michael Cohen, personal lawyer; Vince McMahon, billionaire WWE CEO & promoter

Media: TV, Web

Fox News: Tucker Carlson; Jesse Watters; Laura Ingraham; Sean Hannity; Fox Nation; Fox and Friends; Eric Bolling, former host; Bill O’Reilly; Greta Van Susteren, formerly Fox News

Drudge Report; Ann Coulter, conservative pundit; Diamond and Silk; Trump fan club; Katrina Campins, real estate, Fox News, The Apprentice;  Geraldo Rivera, reporter; Mark Burnett, TV; Piers Morgan, TV host; Roma Downey, producer of religious films

White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Press Secretary; @WhiteHouse; Dan Scavino, Dir Social Media; Kellyanne Conway, adviser


Mike Pence, VP; Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager; Reince Priebus, former chief of staff; Katrina Pierson, Tea Party activist & Trump campaign; Team Trump MAGA



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#BostonMarathon: Notable tweets and reax

Bomber brothers Jahar (left) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (killed)

Bomber brothers Jahar (left) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (killed)

I’ve been obsessively glued to the TV all day, watching the non-stop (and commercial-free!) coverage of the hunt for the second Boston Marathon bomber (left). So much work to do that’s not getting done …

In the meantime, here are some tweets that caught my attention.

This is from the Twitter account of Jahar Tsarnaev, who told the man whose car he hijacked that he is one of the Boston Marathon bombers. Formerly known as Suspect 2, the 19-year-old is the main object of a manhunt the likes of which no American has ever experienced except perhaps in the movies. Bostonians and residents of the surrounding suburbs have been confined inside their homes all day, all public transportation shut down, all schools and universities closed — everything completely paralyzed. One exception: Dunkin Donuts asked to be exempted. Those stores have remained open, serving  police and other emergency workers free food and coffee.

On Monday night, the day of the Marathon, Jahar tweeted    Continue reading

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Boston Marathon: the kindness of strangers

Let the newscasts dwell on the injury, horror, pain and suffering. This is the real story. Thousands of Bostonians open their hearts and homes to runners and their families and any other displaced persons.

Update from Twitter:


In just under an hour, over 2,000 people have volunteered to take people in if they need help. http://bit.ly/138trnw

a few samples of the 2,000 offers on the Google doc (probably many more by now):

  • I don’t live in the city–but can come get anyone who needs a place to stay
  • I … will drive to pick any runner up anywhere, I will do anything to help
  • We have plenty of space if you are looking for a spot. Please be safe!

Continue reading

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WebSite Story

I love it! Thanks to LindaGardens. Enjoy:

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Chaos in Libya

@MoatazMedhat tweets Friday morning that Ghaddafi’s secret police detained hundreds in Tripoli. There has been no internet since yesterday and thus no word from @Abukhit or @TrablesVoice or the others who were tweeting from Tripoli. The Twitter feed is full of expressions of concern from their followers and hope that they are out in the street and nothing worse.

This video, sent this morning, records the chaos and violence in Zawiya today. Be warned: it is graphic and not for the faint of heart. 

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Updates from Tripoli

@Abukhit’s tweets, continued:

March 1

No work No fun No living in your house No friends ….its really started to hate my life (sleep , T.V , internet , food … my problem is : i don’t want to us to kill each other …. RT @TrablesVoice my opinion: to stop Libyans from killing each other, the truth must be revealed, this will not be possible without stopping LibyanTV’s lies. …

Protests while Gaddafi speaks

Suppressed…i need to do something ! … my moral is rising ……… RT@TrablesVoice i knew that there was a small protest in tajoura yesterday and today, they re-written the taunts that pro-gaddafi erased. … RT@TrablesVoice Tripoli today around 2:00pm, the roads e full, people r after only food stores … RT @TrablesVoice to all please help and RT: start campaign to tell #Red Cross and other organizations to do more for#refugees from #Libya in #Tunisia … RT @ZeroMOne @ChangeInLibya A civil war requires two warring factions within the country, not one nutcase and his mercenaries vs. the People of #Libya

March 2

I’m here i went to chick souq aljuma and i just came back … They r cleaning the Police station from the remaining after the fire + souq aljuma court is burned .. and the shops all closed … News about deaths in Tarhuna … RT @cassandranelson Libyan driver who took us from border refused our payment: “No money. You come to help my country; that is enough.” @mercycorps #libya

Photo: Libyan Youth Movement’s Wall Photos – Facebook

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Dispatches from Tripoli

What follows is part of @Abukhit’s Twitter feed:

Thursday, 5:30 p.m. ET Airplane attack in al zawia please anyone confirm … I am in Tripoli, if there are any non-Libyans need any help, please let me know …

Friday, 6:30 a.m. ET I hope some one can get inside Tripoli and bring some AK47 … The People in Tripoli they know about what is going to be happiness that’s why they have enough food for 7-14 days …

8:30 a.m. ET shot fire everywhere … ohhhhh my god 2 pepole where hoted in the head god help us …souq aljuma on fire … i couldnt stay in the street after one head shot in a person infront of me that was bad really bad …i wanted to come home so bad to upload a video … i couldn’t upload the video a need more time to calm down after what i saw … please twitpic upload my video …… oh …. god gun shots …

9:30 a.m. ET bomb guys i heard bomb alot of gun shot please help … its a was near the house … a gun shot on my house … i need to upload i need to upload i can’t upload even a picture …

10:30 a.m. ET Still shooting in front of my house … one of the people had AK47 and shoot back the merciners i think one of them is down …( in front of my eyes ) … guys i’m keeping my self in safe area …. and if i died i don’t care i did my prayer … o souq aljuma is still under the fire but there is Resistance …i’m trying to upload this viedo … guys i’m risking my family if some one saw my video … what do u think … i’ll send the video and allah be with me … Allah help me http://twitpic.com/43lxpd

11:30 a.m. ET i see guns with people …. shots r everywhere … my cam is full i need to empty it … ohgos … boomb …

12:30 p.m. ET i have to go off now to think about my life …

1:45 p.m. ET i really lived 30 years and i saw a lot of things but i didn’t see like these days

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